On the Real X-Men

On the Real X-Men

This is from our archives: because we had the REAL real reality show way back when world was world and Twersky was Twersky.


A group of well known ex-Hasidim, but one of them has his face in covered and tzitzis still dangling

Real X-(Hasidic) Men

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:36h, 17 April Reply

    love the play of words ex-“men“. sadly its true. from this cult system people are left with nothing when they leave, nisht tzi gut nish tzi leyt… nisht yene velt in afili der velt is a shayle vifil zei kenen emesdig hanueh huben…. (they`re like aliens who`ve been droppen into a different planet… with people who have a completely different culture… they`re like imigrants but without resources and the worst part, they were deprived from even basic social skills… so their journey to success is real rocky…

  • hershy
    Posted at 18:58h, 17 April Reply

    לאה טייערע
    פארוואס שטעלסטו דיך נישט צו צום שפיל
    (א גוטע פ”ב חבר)

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