On Stoning

A Rabbi is giving a sermon on how heretics get stoned

On Stoning

A Rabbi is giving a sermon on how heretics get stoned


In this week’s Parsha ??? ?? a man gets stoned to death. Here is a d’var lkovod shabbes:

A closeted OTD guy is found harvesting weed to smoke on shabbos –
he was then outed, and made to leave –
let him get stoned, but out of our encampment Hashem said to Moshe..
You see? We learn from this that heretics are nothing but druggies looking for excuses to go on with their addictions. Rabosei! The Torah even says that these heretics were stoned to death! And all this time, there are no teenage pregnancies among chasidim! Woops, no drugs, among chasidim!


There are some very problematic misconceptions about the “heretics” or OTD/”maskilim”. True, those who don’t believe in the Chasidic lifestyle “live” more, explore more, and are probably more prone to experiment. But that’s a far cry from self-destructing. The people I know who lose faith pour more sweat into “making it” in life than almost anyone

I know who is straight and obedient in the Chasidic community. And there are so many inspiring success stories, if only they were known! These need to be shared more, so that these sweeping stereotypes can be debunked. Chasidim who are thinking about their choices in life shouldn’t be under the impression that living freely means doom.

Ironically, I had to do some research for the cartoon and steal the details of a stoner because I wasn’t quite sure how it was supposed to look. I may have left, but that doesn’t make me any less a boring and overworked single mother who skipped the college experimentation phase. Not that I am a judging prude; I’m only an involuntary prude. But it makes me reflect on how different (and less exciting) my life is than what I used to think life on the outside is like.

  • shauly
    Posted at 11:36h, 16 June Reply

    My life turned out to be a lot more exciting than I ever imagined possible.
    At the recent footsteps event people stood up to announce what they have accomplished in the past year that they weren’t able to, had they stayed, and I stood up to say “I lived”.
    I honestly would choose the last 2 years of amazing, mind-opening experience, color deeper than I’ve ever seen, taste beyond imagination, and broader horizons, over 40 years of my previous life.
    And Shpitzle, make sure to smoke up once. Lol. Its an experience no one should die without. Its a different realm.
    (For the chassidish trolls on here: Almost every American teen tries weed at one point, and just like everything else in life, its wonderful if done in moderation. Compared to the alcohol availible to our every teen at every kidush and shabbos meal, weed is a lot less potant and unhealthy)

  • Shpitzle
    Posted at 21:58h, 16 June Reply

    I should add to this post that ironically, while chasidim brag there aren’t any addiction problems in their communities, (a faulty argument in itself — for another time) Chasidim of bygone times used to boast a serious drinking culture. Lots of deveikes and hisbodedes happened around mood-altering chemicals. Even today they say the joy and spirituality of certain ecstatic chasidim is part due to the feelings brought on by the worship of a certain kind of grass.

  • Dave
    Posted at 00:29h, 17 June Reply

    Shuali/Shpiz use grugs once/moderation etc. just don’t forget drugs is still outlawd and it may land you a criminal record even jail time. If truth matters to someone here alcohol and drug addictions are NOT of the problems in Chasidic communities.

  • Seth
    Posted at 06:12h, 17 June Reply

    Dave, true drugs is problem that occurs less in the haredi world. Where it does though it is ignored. Alcohol is more of a problem which is also ignored according to Rabbi Dr Twersky

  • Shpitzle
    Posted at 09:20h, 17 June Reply

    Dave, I don’t think anyone suggested that those are the problems. But just because they ARE’NT doesn’t mean that there are no problems or that the problems aren’t extremely severe.

  • Ashmedai
    Posted at 11:07h, 17 June Reply

    Earth to Dave;
    The following is an excerpt of an article written for vice magazine in ’08.
    “Back in the other room, a Hasid I had not noticed before informed me that the party was over, the acid was gone, and I should come back the next day. I asked him when and how frequently this sort of thing happened. He responded:

  • Dave
    Posted at 13:39h, 17 June Reply

    Ashmedia I for example was in Yeshivah with 200 boys I can tell you with 100% confidence non of them ever tried weed and the rest. I was pretty involved and knew what was going on. Now the above commentator says every American teen tries drugs. Why is it that OTD’s try to tell everyone Chasidim use drugs when they know it is not the case? I challange Mrs Shpitzle if she knew of any Chasidim using drugs back in KJ or if she honestly thinks it is a problem Chasidim have to deal with but shove it under the rug.

    • shauly
      Posted at 15:47h, 17 June Reply

      My father still goes with a beard, sthriemal, and black “shich n zucken” and was addicted to cocaine for years. He is now a drug rehabilitation therapist exclusively for frum people. Hundreds of frum people.
      Drugs is not as rampant in chassidish communities (just like sheltered communities in general) compared to an open-for-options and open-to-differnces society, simply because its less accessible. But its dealt with a lot less than it should be, because of the communities tendency to shove problems under the rug instead of facing them, which cause teens who do experiment and dare leave the party lines to be uneducated in its seriousness. No one ever sat down withem to explain the vital difference between a social drink, a festive smoke, or hard core drugs like heroine. They didn’t get a proper introduction to drugs, just like they never got on sex or the other few thousand subjects normal people learn early on.

  • Rikki
    Posted at 15:08h, 17 June Reply

    Dave, I personally have attended many JACS retreat & have met Chassidim from all over who struggle with addictions not only from KJ, but also BP, Willy & Monsey, besides being an addict isn’t just using drugs their are many other forms of addictions out their that destroy families & break them apart. addicts are addicts not by where they live or what they practice it exists all around..

  • Sruly Glick
    Posted at 20:39h, 22 June Reply

    1.There’s a statistic in Isreal on drugs and suicide, and the number is higher among the religious and chareidic population.
    2. It’s a ”Sod far ganz Brod” that the rate of cancer is quite higher among the Heimishe Oilem
    3. ”Haleveei” would drugs and even suicide be the worst problem in the Heimishe society… drugs and suicide is ”heaven” compared to the DAILY LIVING HELL and DYING 100 TIMES A DAY in the chasidic society!

  • you can be cured;)
    Posted at 13:25h, 26 June Reply


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