On Independence Day

On Independence Day

A woman asks about being created equal from the writers of the declaration of independence

All Men Are Created Equal

Happy Independence Day to all of you men who were created equal! And to all you ladies, Happy Independence Day to your men who were created equal! And to all you ladies without men, go live in Iran!

Yes, I’ve been influenced a wee bit by my women’s history studies. In our graduate program we look at history through the lens of the underrepresented, the class, race and gender that hasn’t made the cut in the telling of our nation’s (or world’s) history. We studied the ideology of American freedom, and sometimes, I now realize, it isn’t quite so freedom-for-all. The original founding fathers’ ideas of Freedom didn’t only exclude women, but it was also exclusive to white, plantation owning men! Our history isn’t quite as democratic. Still, I love America. I adore the utopian ideals of freedom, however problematic in reality. I am beyond patriotic to its capacity of self-criticism and movement towards more acceptance of different people. I teach my son its history and its fight for tolerance as best I can. I eat hotdogs and watch fireworks on July Fourth with great pious devotion and am cognizant of how wonderful it is to live among the children of Lady Liberty and Sir Jesus Christ. Seriously, this is a good country to be in, especially when you reach the age that you qualify for retirement in the sunny parts of it. Can’t wait!

Happy Independence Day to ALL of you! Hugs to the ladies who hold up this country by continuing its great wig tradition as brought down to us by the Founding Folks z”l!!

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  • gedalye
    Posted at 08:45h, 04 July Reply

    Good Yomy-Tov for you.
    See you & your son,
    Today @ the Hudson.

  • Gabriella
    Posted at 16:57h, 05 July Reply

    I grew up abroad, and I also feel very patriotic about celebrating on the 4th of July the many great things this US of A has to offer. Of course there’s tons of room for improvement. I am currently fairly up in arms about the current state of public education in my area, and I am pretty loud about it, like a good American should.
    I hope you all had a blast wherever your BBQ shindig took place. Cheers!

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