Dairy Pastries in Williamsurg


As tonight is Shavuos, the Jewish holiday that is celebrated with a special meal of divine dairy pastries (among other festivities,) I’m doing a poll on the best dairy pastries in Williamsburg. Please vote!

Because of laws of kashrus, many of the pastries you will usually find on Williamsburg’s Lee Avenue will have no dairy ingredients. No cheese or butter or milk unless it is noted as dairy. The famous rugalech and kokosh cakes are usually made with margarine, not butter. Some people have told me that all kosher pastries have a distinct taste because of the absence of butter.

But on Shavuos the pastries are prepared with dairy ingredients — the more dairy the better. A special noon-time meal consists of cheese cakes, dairy bundt cakes, butter twists, milk rum balls, cheese yodels— heavenly stuff. I’ve gotten my fill in Williamsburg, but I’d love to hear about *your* favorites.

I once did a tasting tour of Lee Avenue’s bakeries. We stopped into each one and tried a number of things. In a way, this post is a virtual tasting tour. I want to hear what you’d try at each bakery and which bakery you’d recommend. Which local shop would you suggest for the best Shavuos* products?

*note, I think all of these carry dairy but I’m not absolutely certain.


photo: http://justaspoonful.wordpress.com/
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