How to pronounce “Hasidic”

How to pronounce “Hasidic”

I just came across this line in an email correspondence: “Life of an Hassidic woman.”

Because of the an before the word Hassidic, we think that Hassidic is pronounced with a silent H, as if it was acidic. Our sentence reads “life of an Acidic woman.” No, that is not good. Grievous error. Hasidic is actually CHasidic, with a strong guttural CH in the beginning. Because the guttural CH does not exist in English, we drop the guttural letter chet – חand replace it with the H sound. Hence (not ence): Hasidic

When I googled acidic, one of the first images that came up was a graphic presentation of this terrible sin of grammar: An Acidic man would look like this:


Enough with the ilarity and umor! We now know two things: that Hasidic’s H is pronounced and Google’s spying habits on my search history are even more so.

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