Wall poster: warning against selling homes to outsiders

Wall poster: warning against selling homes to outsiders

From July 2014

This poster is so illustrative of how the Hasidic community forms a tight, self-benefiting group. This poster warns people not to sell to “artists, god-forbid.”


The Committee for Saving Williamsburg; Notice and Warning:
It has come to our attention that a resident of our city has sold 2 properties on 176/178 Division Avenue to someone from outside “our city” for a high price, which puts the project in danger of being built for artists, god-forbid.

The rabbis have written in their proclamation on the first of cheshvon 5764:
“We have come to triple and reinforce our warning with added strength and warn that no man dare rent or sell any apartment or loft to these people in our neighborhood, nor to sell them any lots. This includes even if selling to a Jew with the knowledge that he will build for them, or if selling to a Jew for a price which proves it is for them, is as selling to them. And whoever will dare transgress this will be shunned, him his sons and his daughters, from synagogues, institutions of Torah, and educational institutions, in Williamsburg. Therefore we turn to the seller that he is obligated according to the Torah to make sure the buyer does not build for artists. “

Anyone who has any information about this is asked to call the committee.

As it has come to our attention that the buyer is going around to the neighbors offering to buy their houses in order to be able to build on their lots (which is further proof he is planning to build for artists) we extend our warning in the name of the great rabbis shlita that no one should dare sell a house to them for any price offered, and one who transgresses will be punished.

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