Roses are red; Shavuos is green

Roses are red; Shavuos is green

Pre-Shovuos shopping days in Williamsburg: Video captures a custom unique to Shovues and it isn’t about creamy cheesecakes.

To local florists in Hasidic Williamsburg, business this week is busy. Very busy. The Shovuos holiday substitutes for lost opportunities on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, two holidays Hasidim generally don’t celebrate.

In the days leading up to Shovuos, families and acquaintances will exchange the language of flowers. And by the time the holiday arrives – and shopping and commerce have come to a total halt in Hasidic Williamsburg – greenery and floral decorations will augment the holiday spirit in dining rooms at home, where holiday meals with family will be feasted, and around the bimah and aron hakodesh in synagogue halls, where holiday prayers and services will be held.

Note in the video how local religious schools also benefit from the increased demand, setting up competing ad-hoc florist bazaars.

Video courtesy of VINNews, 2013

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