This smartphone war is directed especially at women

This smartphone war is directed especially at women

A photo of a March 2017 poster asks people to notify the “Organization of Technology” if they have any information with regards to women (using the language “mothers”) who have smartphones.

​Here’s the announcement with translation:


As during these days the “Vaad Hatechnelogia” (Organization of Technology) is finishing to eradicate the smartphones owned by the mothers of students of our holy schools-

It is important that if someone knows of some such woman, they should call as soon as possible-

And in doing so speed up the opportunity to put an end to it.

PS: Be aware that there is no acceptable excuse for a woman [to have a smartphone] (i.e. for work).

The PS warns that women can never, under any circumstances, own a smartphone. It is unclear when men are given exceptions, but it is obvious that women have been the greater target for the anti-smartphone campaign. We often hear that the reason for targeting women is because women are closer to their children, and therefore the influences they are exposed to are a greater risk to future generations. It might also be because it is a more effective strategy to start with the women, who could then push their husbands to also give up their phones.

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