Hasidic Men’s Fashion: The Shtreimel

Hasidic Men’s Fashion: The Shtreimel

A reader asked: What is that furry, circular hat that some Orthodox Jewish men wear?

The shtreimel (שטריימל) is made of real beaver fur and is usually first received by a man from his bride’s family—the hat can be very expensive so this is a wedding gift. The man wears the shtreimel only once he gets married, and even then, on shabbes, holidays and other special occasions. Believe it or not, there is quite a bit of fashion trends around these hats. In recent years the hats have gotten taller, and nice peaks (shpitzen) of the fur mean the shtreimel is fresher and nicer.

Edit: someone mentioned that the fur might be mink, not beaver. This article sheds light:

“To make one shtreimel can take up to 400 tails of various breeds of mink, sable of fox – the scrap of the fur industry.”

And while we are quoting: “But at a cost of up to $4000 each, it can be a profitable one too.”

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