How to style side-curls

How to style side-curls

A reader asked: How do Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men curl their payess (sidecurls) so perfectly?


This is how I did up sidecurls nice and neat.

My expertise: nine brothers, one son. Modeling for you is the kiddo, whose hair was reluctant to grow. Hence the short curl.

My son and brother (and other brother)

On an ordinary day during the morning rush: grab a plastic cup from the pantry, grab the orange juice from the fridge. Poor about a quarter cup orange juice onto the cup. Then use a bit of orange juice to wet the sidecurl, comb the wet hair over the forehead. Push a pencil under the hair closest to the head. Now start twirling the hair around the pencil towards the face. Let the kid hold the pencil in place while you do the other one. It should be just a minute before the orange juice dries and the hair is nice and crispy.

On special occasions — put a Bobby pin into the curl.

DO NOT: mistaken payos for curling ribbon:


And chup doesn’t fly either. All the hair up top. Oy.

And this. What. What is this.

Don’t even know what that is. Hollywood messes up the sidecurls far too often. It is so simple, duh!
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