Essay in Tablet Magazine on Hasidic education

Essay in Tablet Magazine on Hasidic education

“Shulem Deen wrote in the The New York Times “Why does New York Condone illiteracy?” and Hasidim took to Twitter to fight back. My Facebook feed is filled with outcries against corruption and uneducated children.”

This essay is in response to that. I explain a little how the Hasidic economy can operate despite Hasidim living in NYC – an expensive location, with large families and without even a high school diploma.

”When I walk through my Hasidic community, I don’t see the markers of some of the poorer neighborhoods. There are no homeless Hasidim lying at the corner, no Hasidic mothers begging for food, no abuse of drugs to numb the pain. I see a people nicely dressed, with the children in ribbons and bows.

How do Hasidim make money if they don’t get a secular education? The Hasidic economy seems to operate in old-school, wheeler-dealer, handle-bandle kind of way.”

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More on the Hasidic economy question in this blog post.

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