Orthodox Politics: On Trump

  • Baba Batra
    Posted at 03:27h, 14 June Reply

    Great analysis but seemingly simplistic conclusion. Even Hillary (in her highly virtual calculated words for the sake of the well being of the USA) put only half the trumporters in this basket while you are putting all of them in. Meaning that in your view of the 60 some million trump voters all have a primitive hassidic mentality? What about dividing the world in let say three categories: boorish primitives, groupie sophisticated, autodidactics? I know quite a few of the latter who voted for Trump and politically cooperate with him. It is not a vote for the role of a Pope but for a macher as you say who’s ego pushes him to be a winner and who considers doing good for the USA a win. He seems capable at it for various reasons, genetic and circumstantial. Let say if during the holocaust we’d have him at the helm, it is much more probable that he would bomb the hell out of the lines to auschwitz than would hillary. I am not denying that as a choice of a person to live with, i’d rather live with his narcissistic predecessor than with such an ego-maniac, who the moment he sees you as irrelevant to his ego you become transparent to him and if he views you as a threat to his ego he mercilessly steps all over you. No wonder how quite a few very enthusiastic supporters turned avid haters (Scaramucci, Conway…). But again, voting for a prez is hiring him for a job to be carried out not to serve as a toothless figurehead ceremonial king. In the UK, Israel and many other countries, there is another person for such role but at a high cost. The US often use it’s vice president for it.

    • Frieda Vizel
      Posted at 07:53h, 14 June Reply

      You have a very good point. And we can even see now, with the covid lockdowns as Cuomo is consistently coming out with orders that disrupts and frustrates, that to some degree Trump has pulled to the other side. Not that you can count on Trump, as you said. The man instinctively only lives for himself and himself alone. But you are right about your analysis and I think some people feel they know how to work a man like Trump, which, in some ways it’s a language Hasidim know.

      BTW awesome nic

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