Help me make this podcast happen!

Help me make this podcast happen!

Hello listeners, fans, friends, sponsors, lurkers, and rebels who defy all Patreon tiers!

I’ve had the idea for a podcast for a long time, but always felt I needed to prioritize the work that pays my bills, aka my walking tours. Well, with the walking tours currently shuttered, I really miss meeting tourists from around the world, having consistent work, and my illusions of sanity.

I am, however, trying to view this as an opportunity, as a chance to materialize this podcast goal.

It’s risky. It comes with an overhead and will pull my time away from other projects, but with your support, I can make it happen. My vision for the podcast includes covering both personal and general topics on Hasidic (and ex-Hasidic) life, such as:


-Who are Hasidic Jews? Why do they isolate? How am I related to Hasidism, and what was it like when I left?

-The new Netflix original Unorthodox: Is it accurate? Is it cultural appropriation? What does a good show aimed at a secular audience look like? (hint: Shtissel)

-The book Unorthodox on which the Netflix miniseries is based: Is it truthful? Why the backlash? What’s the scoop? (I’ll tell you!)

-The Covid-19 Quarantine: What unique challenges does the quarantine pose to the Hasidic community? Should we get out pitchforks out and climb on our high horses and blame the Hasidic community for recklessly something something spreading the virus?

-How did Hasidic Williamsburg come to be? When? Why?

-Why is it so hard to make it on the outside, and whom should we blame? Speaking of blame, what about anger? Should a good ex-Hasidic story ever be angry?

-Why am I living in the past? Why don’t I just forget it all and become “normal” and leave Hasidim alone?

-Speaking of which, how do Hasidim view me?


Give me a chance to dish on this and more—please join my Patreon and become a supporter. You can also give a one-time contribution via PayPal.

Thank you, thank you—more soon!

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