A Williamsburg Architecture Brush-Up

A Williamsburg Architecture Brush-Up

I recently returned my focus to the project of exploring the architecture of Hasidic Williamsburg. I hope—if I can get myself to compile the posts—to put together blog posts with the stories of a few more important buildings, like the buildings that are now the Satmar girl’s schools and those that were once the schools for the Bais Yaakov girl’s schools.

For now, I wanted to share a few old building pictures I was excited to find, as I was unable to find them before. A friend emailed me the link to this fascinating map of buildings in the 1940s, and I was hooked! I just enjoyed looking at all the oldies, but there are also images that I couldn’t find in regular archives:

  1. A picture of the Wilson Theatre, which is now the Vien Synagogue. And to learn more, here is the post on this building. This link and the one listed below give a more detailed history of both buildings.

2. A picture of the Model Theatre, which is now the Klausenberg Synagogue. And here is the post with its history.

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