#13 of Podcast: Progressives vs Liberterians / Politics Part 2

#13 of Podcast: Progressives vs Liberterians / Politics Part 2

I want to share with you what I mean when I describe myself as a leftist, so I begin with a layman’s, severely unqualified person’s primer on the basic ideologies. Part one: liberalism, neoliberalism, libertarianism. Also in part one, a New York mask ordeals.

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #13: Political Checkboxes / Part 1

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  • #IMAGE: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
  • #LINK: Liberalism on Wikipedia
  • #LINK: Karl Popper’s The Paradox of Tolerance
  • #ARTICLE BONUS: Good piece in the Guardian on the myth of meritocracy
  • #ARTICLE: Companies using the women’s suffrage movement to sell cigarettes.
  • #LINK: Edward Bernays of modern propaganda
  • #LINK: Penis envy; Freud’s idea
  • #VIDEO: The Simpson’s episode from which I took that sound bite. Season 32/ Episode 13
  • #LINK: The cognitive bias I mentioned (I called it a fallacy but now I know!) is the Self-serving bias.
  • #WEBSITES: Early lockdown critical US voices were American Institute of Economic Research and Law Liberty
  • #LINK: The AIER.org piece on Thomas Sowell
  • #LINK: The AIER.org explaining the lockdown objection from a Liberterian position
  • #LINK: The Great Barrington Declaration and the criticism calling it a “Dangerous Liberterian Strategy
  • #LINK: Simon Elmer from Architects Social Housing on the problem with the Liberterian position
  • #LINK: My podcast on how conformity works.
  • #VIDEO: The Ted Ed explanation of the Tragedy of the Commons here:

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