#17 of Podcast: The Big Picture

#17 of Podcast: The Big Picture


A big picture look at our social system reveals a disturbing trend towards a medical technocracy. Like religions that imagine humans to be born impure or sinful, our new world culture will assume us all born sick and in need of preemptive treatment. There are a lot of economic interests that stand to benefit. But not our humanity.

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #17: The big Picture

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    • #IMAGE: From this marvelous collection – on how people in the past imagined the future.
    • #ARTICLE: One of the best analysis of the current crisis, which clarified a lot of my own thinking: Cui Bono? The Covid 19 ‘Conspiracy’
    • #HASIDIC: Some of my writings during the 2019 Measles outbreak in the Hasidic community – here
    • #HASIDIC: Kosher gadgetry and phones.
    • #IMAGE: A new invention, cutting Judaica with a stone scissor with “anti-dull technology”

    • #VIDEO: Here is an excellent video imagining this future

  • #VIDEO: The Black Mirror Social Credit episode, trailer:


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