#19 of Podcast: Psychological Lessons from the Onion

#19 of Podcast: Psychological Lessons from the Onion

In my podcasts so far, I have come to believe that an aspect of our technological age is a distancing from the human. We come to understand ourselves less, because we look at ourselves as if we were machines, computers. I’ve explored this theme in several episodes, including The Cult of Logic, Transhumanism and The Machine Stops. Now I turn to satire, one of the last ways we can still communicate the nuances of our humanness. So I play some clips from the Onion and ruin the jokes. What’s not to like!

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #19: Psychological Lessons from The Onion

  • Link to the BBC Story on kids’ affected by lockdowns.
  • Link to the NYT “the Science behind” why you want one more potato chip

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