#21 of Podcast: Conversation with Shannon Kuta Kelly

#21 of Podcast: Conversation with Shannon Kuta Kelly

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #21: Conversation with Blog Editor Shannon Kuta Kelly

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Shannon Kuta Kelly is an exceptionally talented poet, writer, editor and a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast. She also edits my work and runs my social media 🙂 Shannon’s been between locked down Northern Ireland and fairly-open Lincoln, Nebraska during the pandemic, so I invited her on the podcast to talk about that – and other things!

  • Here is a poetry reading by Shannon for the Poetry Jukebox Installation:

Poetry Jukebox Request Time – Shannon Kuta Kelly @EPICMuseumCHQ | mariamcmanus (wordpress.com)

  • And for the Romanian Cultural Institute:

Some pictures of Ireland:

Queens University Belfast in the autumn--This image is Shannon's.


View of Belfast from atop Cave Hill, January 2021


The quadrangle at NUI Galway, where Shannon did her master's degree


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