Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Sunday afternoon, when my son, Shloimele, was invited to a neighbor’s house to play with his best friend and I was in my hideout alone, I went to that blog again. No one had answered my comment. I figured so it is. They didn’t want to speak to me. They probably didn’t want me writing on their blogs either, because they considered me the enemy. Perhaps it was fair payback. I’d probably enjoyed some malicious gossip on each of those bums online. So I’d have my own blog. That way, I could get it all out without trespassing their turf. I fiddled about on blogger’s back end. There was a lot of confusing html code and only a few templates, no undo, no spellcheck in their document drafts, no autosave. I wrote something and hit publish.  The post, along with much of what I said afterwards, would faithfully be preserved by the internet. Even nine years later, it’s all there as I left it.

It [all] started when I began googling the word 'satmar' for a work-related project. I alternated with 'satmEr' and 'chassid'. I needed some pictures to put into a document. No biggie…

I was shocked to see how the web is a feeding tube for all Chassidic souls that have struggled with a community that does not acknowledge all sorts of people. 

There's a blog that posted a newspaper piece. To sum it up, the piece suggested that the Kiryas Joel officials 'sent somebody' to sexually molest a girl, for political reasons. I'll tell ya, I wasn't sure what surprised me more, the article itself or the fact that all the eager listeners bought the nonsense. 

There's a blog, gay-ex-choosid, by a guy that was forced to leave our community because of the judgment we easily pass at others that are not template. I feel sorry for him, but I don't buy that he screws with MANY other chassidish men and knows that many men have other women while their till-death-do-us-part is in the Catskills.

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