#24 of Podcast: Conversation with Writer Alex Klaushofer

#24 of Podcast: Conversation with Writer Alex Klaushofer

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #24: Conversation with Writer Alex Klaushofer

In this episode I talk to Alex Klaushofer, a great essayist on culture, authoritarianism and the lockdowns.

Alex Klaushofer is a British writer newly-based in Lisbon. Her books are a blend of travel writing, reportage and one or two other genres. She’s fascinated by the relationship between people and places and is currently working on a book about Europe through the lens of three of its lesser-known cities.

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#Alex’s website here. If you get an SSL block, just click proceed. The site is safe, just an expired certification.

#Alex’s wonderful essay series: The Fragility of Democracy


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