#25 of Podcast: Conversation with Radical Andy Libson

#25 of Podcast: Conversation with Radical Andy Libson

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #25: Conversation with Marxist and Teacher Andy Libson

In this episode I talk to Andy Libson, who got in trouble with his school for organizing an in-person event with his students.

Andy Libson is a science teacher of 21 years from Mission High School in San Francisco. He is active in his union (United Educators of San Francisco). He is a Marxist and revolutionary socialist who hosts his own podcast with a couple of friends called “What’s Left?

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#Image: Andy’s event in the park

#Andy’s articles for Left Lockdown Sceptics here and here.

#The Mission Local article on the circuits-in-the-park event

#Andy’s podcast What’s Left with Eduardo Abarca

#NewsMax video interview with Andy


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