Honey cookie recipe

Honey cookie recipe

It’s the season of the Jewish new year again, so it’s time for me to unpack my tour goodie-bag of the season. My guests are now treated to an array of honey-related products, because it’s the custom to eat honey cakes, honey cookies and bread, or apple dipped in plain honey during this season. This is an omen for a sweet, lovely new year. Who can say no?

So I like to share with my guests a recipe that is among the few in my box that is still within the purview of my “talents.” Most of my Hasidic recipes are now too difficult for this failed housewife. But the recipe for honey cookies is brilliant without fail.

As with all Hasidic recipes, it is HUGE. It calls for 9 cups of flour! The first time I gave my guests a recipe—it was my favorite challah recipe—they spit out their drinks when they saw that it called for six or seven pounds flour. I was completely caught by surprise! This was extremely normal to me, and I didn’t expect the recipe to be too big for most people to know what to do with it. But see, now I’m coming with tips. Make the honey cookie dough and only bake a tray’s worth. Freeze the rest. This dough freezes beautifully.

There is really nothing as lovely as a crisp fall day and the house smelling fresh with honey cookies right out of the oven. Pair them with some hot apple cider and it’s a real treat.

Good luck!

Meanwhile, here’s an old cartoon of mine to wish you all a happy Jewish New Year.

Shana Tova U'mtuka

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