Emergency party!

Emergency party!

Have you ever been invited to an emergency party?

The other day, in Williamsburg, we passed a total of four parties. At least two of them were emergencies. Who knew the Hasidim of south Williamsburg were such party animals?

Parties in the Hasidic community are very different from disco ball, drinking, and dancing affairs. Most often, they are women’s fundraising events. This particular party is for the cause of a needy bride, who does not have the money for her wedding, as well as for some “rescuing people” cause, which is even more vague than “helping a needy bride.” The identity of the needy individuals for whom money is raised is usually not revealed. The important part is that the party should be hosted by a group of well connected women who get all their friends to come by, donate some funds, maybe enter a raffle, and eat a slice of cheesecake or collect a little gift for their kids.

During the high seasons of fall and spring, Bedford Avenue is popping with these parties, a bustling sight of strollers everywhere and women chatting each other up about this and that.

Interestingly, the fundraising events for men are not parties but “dinners” or “tea-evenings” (no tea involved, as far as any of us know). The pictures below are for “dinners” happening in town. As with everything in this community, even the way events are referred to reflects the distinction between genders.

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