Street poster: anti-vaccine messaging

Street poster: anti-vaccine messaging

On my tours, you don’t need a mask or a vaccine. I was never on board with the ritual safetyisms around Covid, and the Hasidic community didn’t take long to move on from them either. During the heat of it I, chronicled some of the developments in this neighborhood, but it’s been largely uneventful since the spring of ’21.

On the whole, it’s easy to forget Covid in Williamsburg. As far as we can make out (with limited data) vaccine uptake is very low, especially among the younger population, and this population is very young. The vaccine mandates passed with little more than a murmur here or there. I have never seen them enforced anywhere. I saw a single sign advertising free fake vaccine passes. And recently, the following posters:

This is a symposium with Del Bigtree and it is anti-vaccine:

This poster tells teachers who work in the public school system in some way that they don’t need to get vaccinated and can get a medical exemption:

So far, the city has not tried to enforce vaccination in this community, unlike the aggressive vaccine campaigns during the measles outbreak. And so long as the pressure is off, there has been very little about vaccines on the streets. We’ll see how this changes down the line.


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