How to have a great relationship

How to have a great relationship

The other day in Boro Park, I picked up a little book for brides and grooms. It is part advertisements for wedding paraphernalia, part full of quips and anecdotes and memes to start couples off on the right foot. It reads like a quaint ethics guidebook, full of clever advice and little tips on how to forgive, forget, be happily ever after. The emphasis is always on having low expectations for your spouse and high expectations for yourself. To give and not take. I can see this system working in most reasonable relationships. It can also be a recipe for normalizing abusive relationships. But it’s not without its charms. And who can’t use some advice from a few Rabbis and Rebbetzins?!

A sampling of some of the advice is below. I reviewed the whole book on video. Be careful what you do with that advice!


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