Remember: “more coverage is better!”

Remember: “more coverage is better!”

Many years ago, I wrote a guide to various Hasidic women’s head coverings and tried to categorize their socio-religious significance.

Well, there is someone out there who outdid me by miles in terms of nitpicking and getting all the details right. This one is from a few years ago, but it’s too good not to add it to my archive/blog.

This guide is titled “guidelines for head-covering,” and it shows how women who either wear a wig-and-a-hat or a wig-and-a-scarf should “properly” wear their ensemble.

It declares: “The more coverage, the better!

You will notice that the bad headgears with the X next to the image have too much wig showing or the second layer of coverage—let’s say the hat or the scarf—is too small. You can play spot the difference here, and it’ll be something of a challenge. If there is a community in the world that knows how to make huge distinctions out of tiny nuances, it’s the Satmar Hasidic community.

It is disturbing to consider that oftentimes, such posters are created by men—men who obsess over the smallest details of what random women in the community wear…It is largely counter-intuitive, and yet, so it goes.


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