Video of my zoom conversation with Izzy Posen

Video of my zoom conversation with Izzy Posen

This was my first ever live Zoom event, and I co-hosted it with ex-Hasid Izzy Posen and the wonderful audience that joined us. It was a great experience and perhaps there will be more live events in the future…

Izzy Posen is a prolific Twitter personality who shines for his nuanced thinking and robust interest in Hasidic culture (He calls himself a cultural Hasid). Izzy was a real treat to collaborate with. He approaches the journey away from Hasidism with tremendous thoughtfulness and openness to growth, he tries to challenge his own dogmas and to find healthy compassion for people with very different views (and this often means Hasidic family members that might have caused a lot of hurt). On the Zoom event, we talked about many things; how we can hold on to the aspects of Haredi life that we treasure even while celebrating our new lives; if we are obligated to engage in activism towards the Haredi world; and what we should make of social pressures to self-censor that we encounter in our new world.

We had really great comments from the audience and I left the event in good spirits!

If you were on the zoom live call, thanks for joining!

If you missed it, the video recording is linked above. Have a watch!


Izzy’s blog post on what motivated him to set up the event

My video conversation with Naomi Seidman, who joined us at the event

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  • Bernard Kabak
    Posted at 20:51h, 08 June Reply

    Re “censorious” at 33:24: Censorious certainly is a word. From
    adjective — severely critical; faultfinding; carping.
    Don’t sell yourself short. You have a powerful and precise vocabulary.

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