How to open a box of matzohs, the proper way

How to open a box of matzohs, the proper way

Last Friday, April 15, we had a brilliant visit in Williamsburg. The weather was beautiful and as the community finished its last preparations for Passover, there were bonfires at every other street corner for the burning of the bread.

We got there early enough to eat the last of the pastries forbidden on Passover, and when we left, I gave everyone some matzohs. I played a version of The Price is Right where everyone had to guess the price of the box of matzohs. People guessed $3-4 dollars! They were very off. The guest who guessed the closest won a prize though: the string from the box. This is no ordinary string, you see. Hours and hours can be wiled away on it playing cat’s cradle and various other string activities. The best part for me was doing the partner version with one of my guests. We were both shocked to realized we remembered how to do it!

(And for the record, the box actually costs $78!)

Here are some YouTube tutorials for some of this string play:

The witch’s broom (we called these bananas):

Jacob’s ladder (this one is too hard for me):

Cat’s cradle:

  • HM
    Posted at 14:28h, 21 April Reply

    Believe me I’d rather pay $100 for a box KJ matzos than 50 cents for a box square regular matzos, these modern machine matzo are so tasteless, no wonder our chasidish rebbes banned them.

    • Frieda Vizel
      Posted at 15:23h, 21 April Reply

      Heh, that’s why they banned them 😉

      I have been to sedars where the square machine matzos are served and I find them depressing. They remind me of a boring late summer Shabbos party with tuna salad…

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