Street poster: working girls and selling kidneys

Street poster: working girls and selling kidneys

Here’s a Yiddish street poster that cropped up in July 2022. I think it’s a must-read.

It is a lesson on why it is a terrible idea for girls to work! I should caveat by saying that despite the harsh words in this poster, many Hasidic girls continue to work as secretaries or other positions in Hasidic offices.

Where do you get money to marry off your children?

A father worries: how will I be able to marry off my daughter? You need a lot of money!

So a friend comes to him and says:

“I have a good idea for you. I just read that there is a hospital that pays a hundred thousand dollars when someone donates a kidney. So your daughter has two kidneys. Let them do the operation — she can live with just one kidney. And then you’ll be able to marry her often comfortably to the best boy, have a luxurious wedding, and her husband will be able to sit and study the Torah for many years after the wedding.”

The person who gives us advice is a big fool!

And if you send your daughter to work in an office, and you cut out… and take out the whole feeling of shyness, modesty, demureness — of which she does not have two, only one! — and you cool off the whole feeling of the expression “the honor of the daughter of a king is to be inside,” and you cool off the whole feeling of modesty… and never mind the other very serious problems that occur when girls work in offices, of which the rabbis are hearing day in and day out…

You think sending her there is a smart thing??

A father who sends his daughter to work in an office will send her to be either an angel or a demon. (??)

And the Talmud says: During the sinful generation of Noah before the floods, there were angels who were sent down from heaven to earth and they became demons. They became rotten!

If the daughter will be hanging out in an office, even if she is an angel today, she can instantly become a demon, god forbid!

It is sadly a story that happens every day!

So dear reader, pray tell, can you see the moral of the story?


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