My video with Pearl, Part 2

My video with Pearl, Part 2

Much to my surprise, my video visiting Pearl’s home got more than 130,000 views. It also set off a domino effect on my channel that, to my delight, led to it to grow from 700 subscribers to 4,700 subscribers. Most of the commentors were incredibly generous, which isn’t a small thing for Youtube commentors. A lot of people expressed interest in hearing more of Pearl’s views, and as promised, I’m sharing it here in Part 2 of this series.

There is so much I would ask Pearl if I were to do an interview with her directly. This was just part of a walk-through through her house and the conversations that happened naturally when we looked at the religious books or at a picture of a Rebbe. I’d love to hear her full position on the role of men and women in the community, because as I told her a few times in our conversation, I don’t think she’s an ordinary Hasidic woman. She has very robust and strongly-held views on everything, including, I am sure, on how you make a marriage work for fifty years. But this little glimpse into a different perspective leaves us with a lot to think about, and, I’m sure, many opinions. Feel free to leave good-faith (non-troll!) comments here or on my channel.

I have filmed other things and I look forward to editing and sharing more.


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