The Hasidic shtern; a special art style

The Hasidic shtern; a special art style

Let me introduce you to the shtern! A different kind of Jewish star!

In this video, I tell you all about the special paper art called shtern. The word shtern is Yiddish for star, and the art is a kind of cutting technique that comes out to a star. In the video I explain its religious application, my own experience with shterns, and most of all, I show you how to make a shtern. My very talented video editor created a beautiful tutorial for you – maybe you can make your own shtern some day!

There’s just one thing missing from the video: the origin story of the shtern. I have no idea where this technique comes from, and if there are other cultures where this kind of art is used. If you are aware of a historic story or anything else related to the shtern, please share it in the comments.

I love the shtern because it’s one of those things that many Hasidic women make. There are many lively things in the world of Hasidic women that never get noticed for its creativity and cultural importance, and for me, the shtern is one of them. It was a way I channeled my own creative energy and it created a very warm holiday experience.

The pictures in this video are my home photos.

My parents’ sukkah / my son

My own sukkah and the shterns I made

Me, making a shtern

ready-to-be-made shtern packs for sale


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