Pearl shares her Hasidic marriage experience

Pearl shares her Hasidic marriage experience

I’m so delighted to share a very special video with a Satmar Hasidic woman, where she talks candidly about how marriages are arranged in this community. This was actually a very eye-opening experience for me, as well as a very fun experience. I simply don’t share the kind of deep faith Pearl has, so hearing her describe surrendering to the powers above in matchmaking was fascinating. It was just generally very interesting stuff, I think – she talked about the matchmakers, the chaperoned dates, sex education (or lack thereof), liking her husband because he was six foot two, and so much more. I left this video at full length because I thought this conversation was too important to abbreviate. So it’s a bit long, but I think well worth watching.



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  • Amy B
    Posted at 12:20h, 19 January Reply

    Thank you so much for posting these interview. They are really oral histories which are so valuable. Thank you!

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