Hi there.

Until I was 25, I lived in the Satmar Hasidic community. This experience, along with my interest in how society works on a systemic level, informs my work. I draw from all sorts of disciplines, like theory, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology and criticism.

My main job, the bread and butter, is WALKING TOURS in Jewish Brooklyn. This has been in limbo since March of 2020, so I am working on some virtual offerings:

I taped a VIDEO TOUR in Hasidic Williamsburg and then edited it with many photos, so you can watch it for FREE and get a glimpse into the streets. The video tour took a lot of effort and heart, and it comes packaged with a few digital goodies. I also am available if you want to contact me to set up tailored ZOOM PRESENTATIONS for classrooms, cultural institutions, workplaces and more, which include video screen share and engaging Q&A sessions. They are priced at about $200 a presentation.

I always WRITE — sometimes for myself but also for this blog or on occasion for publications. My blog archive goes back to 2008 and contains resources on Hasidism, analysis, commentary, illustrations, fiction and memoirs. I am serializing my PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED MEMOIR for Patreon supporters.

Recently, I began to video blog my research on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, and I invite you to subscribe.

Many thanks to some amazing talents for making my projects happen.

Valeria Di Matteo
website developer, coding magician with better taste than any ordinary magician

Shannon Kuta Kelly
blog editor, social media manager, wonderful poet in her own right

Tayla Olandim
illustrator, artist with so much soul, Hasidic mapmaker from far-flung Brazil