I am a licensed New York City tour guide. I have been giving walking tours in Hasidic Brooklyn for over five years. I find the work challenging and immensely rewarding.

I grew up in a very large Hasidic family and was educated and married according to the Satmar Hasidic tradition. Although I left the Hasidic lifestyle with my son, I return to the community to visit family, celebrate holidays and enjoy the rich culture.

I am an aspiring writer, amateur cartoonist and busy parent to my son and pup. I bring to my work my cross-cultural life experience, my passion for understanding the world under-the-hood, and my extensive research into the machinations of contemporary Hasidic piety, censorship, modernization and gender roles.

I hope to introduce you to Hasidism with empathy and nuance; my aim is to humanize and to help you see this community in greater color. Visit my collection of doodles and musings on the subject at www.oyveycartoons.com.