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Do Hasidim smoke?

Among Satmar Hasidic Jews, women never smoke. It’s really unheard of. But quite common for men, even though it’s officially frowned upon.

Violent cidelock cutting

Here is an answer from history:[1] Paraphrased and copied (with some abbreviations) from a paper by Glenn Dynner (who was my teacher at SLC).

True Story

This "True Story" is the result of about twenty hours of work and some very misguided ideas about my artistic capabilities.

On Zionism

Yes, there is a legend among the Satmar Hasidim that...
A Rabbi saying that jeans (genes) is the cause of all disease

On Jeans

If “he’s wearing jeans” or “she was seen in jeans”,...
A guy playing golf with Lulav and Esrog

On Sukkos

Happy holidays, friends. If you get to play golf and...
Shana Tova U'mtuka

On The New Year

Dearest friends, readers, lurkers, critics, sinners, saints, fellow humans, Wishing...
Reb Nachman asks the dancing men on his grave to shut up

On Uman

We’re reading some of Reb Nachmen of Breslev’s writings this...

On Sex

One of the most unfortunate bits of misinformation among Hasidim...
Paulino deliveries delivers a Hasidic woman's baby

On Niddah

You may have heard about the Orthodox couple whose baby was delivered by a truck driver

We Moved!

Hello dearest readers and lurkers. As you may have noticed,...