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​Can you imagine a Williamsburg without a Jewish congregation?Here's a notice of - almost a rumor - of the formation of a synagogue in Williamsburg in 1852. Williamsburg is described as a "growing town on Long Island"!From The Occident, Elul 5612,...

There's been a lot in the news recently about how Hasidic women dress for swim. This comes amid a controversy in Williamsburg over if the Metropolitan Pool should offer hours especially for women, catering to Hasidic women who will not...

A Chikenpox outbreak among Hasidic children of Williamsburg had the NYC Department of Health launch an ad campaign in Yiddish newspapers to promote timely vaccination. ​Another NYC ad, by the Department of Emergency Management, promotes readiness in the event of a...

Bike registrations are annually organized for Williamsburg Hassidic children by Shomrim, a Hasidic neighborhood safety patrol volunteer organization. At the registration drive, identification numbers are ingrained into children's bikes and scooters and a registry of the IDs and andcorresponding owners'...

This bagleiten video is from June 30, 2016 in Williamsburg, Bedford Avenue corner Ross Street, on the streets around the residence of the Satmar Rebbe Zalmen Leib Teitelbaum. On the evenings culminating any of the three holidays, Passover, Shovuos and Sukkus,...