November Caption Contest

 Posted by on November 18, 2012
Nov 182012

Wait up, people. I am here with my sad and belated little November caption doodle and list of reasons for the delay that I’m itching to kvetch about. My tablet electronic drawing pen got lost and I could not draw anything new (I posted stuff from my cartoon freezer). Yes, lost. The dog did eat my homework, I swear. A junior person in our house took it from where he shouldn’t have taken it and claims to have put it to “good use” but he totally forgot the location of this “good use”. He and I combined forces into a split-task search team: me looking, him not looking

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

  36 Responses to “November Caption Contest”

  1. It’s not like there were any other books available…

  2. “I wonder what happens next.”

  3. The book said to include the boy, but that was too kinky, even for him.

  4. oy. you’re killing me.

  5. Wonder how they gonna twist THIS into a virtue.

  6. Why is the Bible bound the wrong way? They should execute the…wait, Isaac Publishing, never mind.

  7. I never did believe cannibalism exists in our community.

  8. Totty, are you sure you need to do this? Gimme that bible.. I gotta see this for myself..

  9. You’re probably all too young too remember ‘Charlie the Tuna’ but for thoise who do: “Yahweh doesn’t want people with good taste; Yahweh wants people who taste good”.

  10. “Dad, ah, so you didn’t behead me? Nice! Couldn’t you untie me? Thanks for the book though”

  11. Meanwhile, at Bible re-enactment camp…

  12. WTF…?!

  13. … I have to learn Torah even on my deathbed.. I have to learn the Torah til I die… My Rebbe will be so proud of me.. I have to learn Torah…

  14. !די תּורה איז די בּעסטע סחורה

  15. Maybe the Bible can save me from that weird looking animal eyeing me so hungrily…

  16. This is what I get for going off the derech…

  17. Oh, thank G-d. Now I can enjoy the suspense.

  18. This will serve as a kapparah for the generations to come

  19. Joining the army was not the wisest move, I should have just stayed in yeshiva and protected our people by studying Torah. Ah, better late than never.

  20. “Are you sure my character gets axed in the the same weekly episode it was introduced?? Gimme the script….”

  21. BDSM according to the bible…

  22. spare the rod, spoil the child

  23. וויאזוי האט דער רבי זי״ע זיך געפירט אין אזא צייט?

  24. “These are professional magicians, do not attempt this at home”

  25. Like Jesus my son upon the cross… (Romans 6:23)
    “Lolz @ goyim. What is wrong with a good old fashioned altar?”

  26. Is there a pea under this mattress? ( see Hans Christian Anderson.. weird quote for a Jewish site but we are all here, Eh?)

  27. Hunh, looks like I’m gonna make it out of here after all!

  28. “And here I thought the book is mere allegory, not to be taken literally.”

  29. “Darn! Just when I stopped believing in angels!”

  30. I hope the voices in my fathers head will tell him not to kill me…

  31. Nothing in this bible makes sense, why would anyone follow it?

  32. My father just went to ask the Rebbe a shailah– he’ll be back soon to untie me and take me home. At least that’s what it says in the Torah…

  33. I have to prepare a Dvar Torah Lekovad Shabbos or my father will kill me.

  34. “Pa, I’d rather die now than live and have – according to the next page – an Esau!”

  35. Where is my son? If he is with that Goyim I am gonna kill him!

  36. “The Bible: More than just a bedtime story”

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