Cartoon Garage Sale

 Posted by on June 13, 2013
Jun 132013

I’ve decided to unload the doodle garage up here. These are a bunch of cartoons I’ve drawn over the span of the past year and a half that didn’t make it into posts. I decided to put them all up because really, what’s the point of them embarrassing me in private? And anyway, I need motivation, any kind of motivation, to keep my creativity flowing and my voice active, so I thought that opening up my cartoon file for public consumption will help. Looking through them didn’t encourage me much

True Story

 Posted by on December 7, 2012
Dec 072012

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This “True Story” is the result of about twenty hours of work and some very misguided ideas about my artistic capabilities. I thought I’m a major illustrator there for a minute. A minute, no. The delusion lasted twenty butt-stuck-on-chair hours. In my mind it was hilarious. It isn’t.

Well, I kinda could say that scenes of changing clothing in public places always fluctuate between the very funny and the very miserable. I know all too well. I titled it “True Story” because I’ve seen with my own eyes as these things happen, although I’ll be dead in a shpitzle before I’ll admit that it was me I saw it happen to.

Such awkward dress changes happen because it’s the only way those restricted to the religious code of dress can wear hiking pants on a trail or a comfortable dress for a hot day in the city. When we are still officially in the fold, we are confronted with one of two options: dress religiously in a way that are completely uncomfortable in, or humiliate ourselves by pulling on tights and shirts and wigs in the back of taxis and behind poles in the subway and in public restrooms and emerge in civilized society entirely “normal”.

Why is the first option so bad? Why couldn’t I put up with just wearing whatever I wore as a religious woman and face the world as I am? Well, I know some women