Duration: 37 minutes

Price: $19.99 private viewing / $59.99 group viewing*

A carefully curated digital goodie bag of video, handbook and self guided instruction to set you up on your own adventure

This do-it-yourself little introduction to Hasidic Williamsburg contains everything you need to explore Williamsburg either remotely, or in the flesh.
A video recording of a few spring hours in the neighborhood has been lovingly edited with many images that will bring the tour to life. You will also receive a pdf with accompanying illustration and some notes on how and when to visit. Lastly, I’ve prepared a google map tour with notes of many important spots, so you can learn about the neighborhood by either clicking the icon or lacing up your sneakers and seeing it for yourself!
Either way, this package will introduce you to this world on your time and at your own pace.

*Group viewing prices are for public presentation in classes, communities, zoom conferences, and such.