#6 of podcast: Netflix Unorthodox – Part II

#6 of podcast: Netflix Unorthodox – Part II

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode #6: Netflix Unorthodox – Part II

Netflix’s mini-series is an ex-hasidic cliched fairytale that is problematic on many, many levels.
Part one is a takedown of the show (be forewarned, I am not a fan) and part two is an analysis on if and why it all matters.

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  • #VIDEO: The Netflix show – here’s the trailer
  • #LINK: The meme: let people enjoy things.
  • #BOOKS: Ex-hasidic memoirs: Deborah Feldman’s / ‘Unorthodox’ – Shulem Deen’s / ‘All Who Go Do Not Return’ – Abby Stein’s / ‘Becoming Eve’
  • #MY BLOG: A post I wrote explaining a bit more about my own experiment in writing the memoir.
  • #LINK: Some stats on increasing economic inequality from here and here.
  • #LINK: Jews in the early 1900s active in labor organizing – see here.
  • #BOOK: The fictional account of the early 1900s Jewish rags-to-riches story in The Rise of David Levinsky
  • #WIKI: Wikpedia on the Rags-to-riches myth
  • #LINK: Footsteps, the organization that purports to serve ex-orthodox but is a deeply problematic business in human capital. I also touched on some problems with the org in a post here.
  • #MY BLOG: Here’s a very unvarnished account I wrote a few years ago, of my “rags-to-rags” story. It’s titled “Scratchoffs”. Please read it.
  • #LINK: The work of Sara Erenthal and her instagram.
  • #PHOTOS: Some of Sara Erenthal’s recent work and my desk:

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