Apr 162014

Here’s something different and very personal. It’s a cartoon in my room, the sanctity of sanctities in my house. The doodle is a subtle celebration of the joys to be had there, and a little reminder to let go of everything else and connect with the spirit of the kodesh kedoshim.

Wait, another cartoon is coming to me as I write this, of my sanctity of sanctities bedroom. I’d draw it with the high priest in it! His priestly hat would be cocked back, long hair and robe daringly loosened, a 12 square choshen hanging over six-pack abs. The high priest would lean against the wall and strokes the fur of his biblical goat. Very macho, very hot. We all know the high priest can go all night too. The caption would be “Dream on, Frieda.”

Ha ha, I like that! Crack up!

Anyway, my not-quite-as-dreamy cartoon was the first creative project in which I worked with paints. It was really exciting to pretend to be artist with pallet, acrylics, expensive brushes — the whole shpeil short of the costume barrett. I had a very hard time with the paints even with the stencil, and I am unhappy about some of it, but it isn’t too bad. Next time I’ll know better. I’ll throw in a barrett!

Speaking of next time, my upcoming spare-time project (not the high priest!) will involve another unconventional canvas… Hang tight!