On Cartooning

 Posted by on January 1, 2013
Jan 012013

A Hasidic man is angry that someone is cartooning him

It feels like it’s been longer, but it’s been only a year since I took pencil to sharpener and began doodling. It was a New Year’s resolution on the first day of 2012, a particularly warm day; rather unusual weather for the first day of January. I packed hot coffee in a thermos, sandwiches and a shriveling helium balloon that said

On Honor Killings

 Posted by on August 27, 2012
Aug 272012

God is angry because he said holy shit, not holy shot

Our history is soaked in the blood of honor killings; violent and merciless death in the name of religion and God. Millions have perished before their time, their lives brutally ended for nothing. For religion. We the Jews have most markedly suffered over thousands of years of history anti-semitic mass extinctions. To this day, in our much safer, civilized society, humans feel the shadow of violent religion lurking. There are many manifestations of religious violence, some of it subtle and more commonplace, some of it shocking bloodshed. Be it genocides led by angry mobs in African countries or a lone cold-blooded monster that enters a holy place and opens fire, people continue to be compelled by religion to shoot, hang, stone, rape, destruct