On Skeletons

 Posted by on October 31, 2012
Oct 312012

A woman saying the skeleton in her closet is not for halloween, it's always there

Secrets. So many, so good. We all have our skeletons in the closet, don’t we? I’ve asked friends from the Hasidic community on occasion: “Who knows your little secret that you have a couple of kids in a strange religious community in Brooklyn?” Not the dates, I tell you. OTD guys and girls often seem so regular, so fantastically dressed up as a secular Joe or Jane, no date would ever guess their secret of a religious life they left behind unless they share it.

Secrets fascinate me. I used to be very na

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

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  1. I dont get it, why would you not enjoy the holiday like the rest of american society?why cling to religon and jewish identity if you dont belive in the authenticity of the god given Torah?

  2. 90% of the Jews, Kevin, don’t believe in the authenticity of the God given Torah. Or maybe it’s 80%? But you get the point. And most of these do, at least, cling to Jewish identity.

    When you have so many exceptions to the rule, it’s time to reformulate the rule. So the question is not why, but why believing in the authenticity of the Torah should be seen as a prerequisite for clinging to Jewish identity when, you know, most Jews do it without believing.

  3. Ha, great cartoon!

  4. Oh what a cute skeleton, and such a clean closest. Does he do windows too. “S” re mattan Torah et al–at every single second of history there are true believers, non believers, and make believers. So if that is a given, which I suspect it is what are you going to do reformulate the rule every 30 days. And as you note identity in the broader sense has very little to do with belief. Kevin seems to be suggesting an all or nothing or worse mocking it.

  5. How old is he? Can you just tell him that? Sure, go ahead and trick or treat with your friends. It’s fun. Your attitude is its fun but not something that has any meaning.He can pick up on that. And if he asks you any questions about the significance, which he probably will if you have an open attitude towards it, you can casually dismiss it, like you do to yourself. It doesnt need to be a lesson to be a lesson. Hes an Amwerican, part of American society. Why should he feel different? He can be proud of his own heritage (and I think its important to, for self-confidence), but he doesnt have to feel this is bad, especially since he wants to do it.

  6. Hi I enjoy your art with your unique view on Chasidim. I must point out that there are no conservative Jews. The only Conservative Jew in a like minded congregation is the Rabbi.

  7. Then by that criterion there are several hundreds Conservative Jews (at least).

  8. For Christ’s sake, it’s Haloween, not Christmas!

  9. Halloween is a blast. Why diss the pagans? I do get rid of most of the candy though. The boys already know, you pick a handful of your favorites, the rest goes to the trash sometimes, to the troops when I have my act together.

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