#11 of podcast: Extremely Offline

#11 of podcast: Extremely Offline

The Very Not Normal Podcast; Episode#11: Extremely Offline

This week I spent almost all my time off screens. Lots of walks, cooking, people watching from my city window and chewing up the phone like it was 1989.

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  • #PHOTO: by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash
  • #ARTICLE: The sensory deprivation tank articles are aplenty online. Look and ye shall find more than you’ll ever need.
  • #BOOK: Deep Work and Digital Minimalism are some of Cal Newport’s many books promoting less connection, but for the ultimate goal of increased optimization.
  • #BOOK: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • #LINK: Some of my favorite go-to blogs are John Steppling, Simon Elmer, Toby Young for the comment section, and Aier.org.
  • #MAGAZINE: Veker, the Yiddish magazine that is running a cover story on the covid deaths there. I will put out a “bonus” podcast in English and Yiddish in response to this article. Stay tuned.
  • #MAGAZINE: The older Veker where I was interviewed on my tours.
  • #ARTICLE: My piece in Tablet Magazine on Hasidic education and how it relates to earning potential.

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