On Frummy Ex-Hasidim

 Posted by on September 9, 2012
Sep 092012

Ex-Hasidim in a synagogue crying when the topic of arranged marriage is raised

Imagine if Ex-Hasidim had a shul! It would be desecration of the holy apostasy! God forbid!

But still, I wonder, maybe? Because there’s obviously a sizable enough population of ex-hasidim to fill up Rodney and sing cheeree-beeree-bum. And because a synagogue has always been important to Jews

September Caption Contest! Win $25!

 Posted by on September 3, 2012
Sep 032012

A man blowing a shofar in the bathtub

It’s the time of month, guys, for the caption contest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In honor of the month of Ellul I am increasing the stakes. The prize will be $25 dollars PLUS complete 100% repentance of your sins, guaranteed.

And you thought the prize will be sin itself! 😉

Ok, you know the drill. Here are the rules:

  1. Look at my doodle and think of something
  2. Keep thinking because I work hard at these and I really look forward to your hairbrained ideas.
  3. Be ridiculous. Be spontaneous. Leave a comment. Remember to leave the email address so we can send you the money!
  4. Repeat 1-4 like, neurotically.
  5. Vote on the best comments, mostly your own.
  6. Goes without saying: check your votes, like, neurotically.
  7. Win. or Lose. or Sin – now that you’ll win.

Winner announced at the end of the month.

Thank you!